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atu – ♥(v)

To accompany your Lazy Sunday Lounging, we offer you an entire EP that definitely captured and mixed the best of the soul vibe and the bass elements: ♥(V) by αtμ (Atu).

Just like The Weekndαtμ is another “genre-defying” artist who finds inspiration in different styles of music. That is actually what makes him so interesting and his work so unexpected and great. His EP gradually transitions from an R&B vibe to a delicious soul feel.

The first track, ‘Promise_Ya’, gently eases us in αtμ‘s world by creating a deeply emotional atmosphere intensified by the regular percussion work. The rhythm is so smooth and languourus that it speaks to the soul. However musically speaking, the soul vibe aren’t present yet. The repetition of the vocal sample makes the track almost haunting with the moaning voices that come at the end of the track. We know that we’re going down into the artist’s world and that it won’t let us indifferent.

The next track, ‘Soul_Child’, keeps that languourously slow rhythm but sublimes it with beautiful soul vocals and a pounding bass sounding just like an excited heartbeat. Definitely captivating.

With its intricate percussion work ‘The Fall’ is a short delight for the ears and the soul. Despite the pounding rhythm, the delicacy and subtlety of this track is amazing. It is separated from the last track of the EP by a quick interlude, ‘Morning’.
The last track of the EP, ‘Silly Games’ definitely appears as the climax of αtμ’s work featuring the perfect mix of R&B, soul and bass elements creating a deep and soulful track. We can only deplore the fact that it is way too short for such a beauty.

Hopefully this review and this first track aroused your curiosity and you’ll be eager to download this EP for free here: ♥(v)αtμ‘s Soundcloud is also full of little gem of the same quality. I would suggest you pay it a visit and show some support because we’ll definitely hear from him again.

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