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Coeur De Pirate – Wicked Games (Party Riot Remix)

Today I have Party Riot‘s (an L.A native) dubstep remix of “Wicked Games” by Coeur De Pirate. This is our first feature of Party Riot‘s work, and what a good introduction this is. Absolutely great work. I’m enjoying every bit of this one. From the sexy vocals to the wicked synths and wobble bass- all great. My biggest surprise right now is how this guy is only sitting on 220 followers on SoundCloud. Don’t agree with it. Here is my attempt to help broaden his reach. Hope you like the track, make sure to share, share, share. Thanks.

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A bit of a bio detailing his introduction to music and the road to production:

As a young kid I grew up listening to the likes of Supertramp, Depeche mode, and Van Hagar. Basically whatever my dad would put on in the car on the way to school. I started playing piano, drums and guitar in middle school and continued through to the end of my college days. I fell in love with it, but eventually though, getting people together to play live music became too much of a hassle.

Around that same time I coincidentally was taken to see an electronica show. Monster Massive, Armin Van Buuren headlined that year. I had always listened to electronica and enjoyed it but the atmosphere and energy I felt that night watching the show was epic. I started digging more and more for good electronic music. Infected mushroom, Mr. Oizo, Spor, Noisia, Simian Mobile Disco….whatever I could get my hands on. I started frequenting festivals and events. Electronica opened a door to what is in my mind pure creation.

I really never considered producing my own though until recently. Always seemed like more of a pipedream, but then I figured why not slide down that pipe and see what I find. I think what really made me start producing was the idea of having people get on a positive rush off my music. They just forget their problems and just enjoy the trip. They meet people, they smile, they jump, they dance. The enjoyment is so simple it’s beautiful.



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