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Darj – Dark Matter EP

New EP from French producer Darj. Some incredibly deep tunes. Dark Matter EP contains four-tracks, and below is a featured freebie from the release. Recently, Darj was signed by a new label Low Pass Records for his dark and deep vibes. This EP will mark the labels sixth release​. We received our copy of the full EP and I’ve already played through it a couple of times. I’m really enjoying the tunes on this one. If you like “Winterchill“, you’ll likely be blown away by the rest. Full album on Beatport. Enjoy. Make sure to leave Darj feedback on this one (links below). Big thanks over to the guy’s at Low Pass Records and Darj!

Darj is an up-and-coming dub step producer haling from France.

Having accumulated a hefty catalog of original tracks, but left un-signed, Low Pass Records found him, and signed his work immediately. The Dark Matter EP features 4 dub step tracks, definitely on the spectrum opposite of “brostep”.

Low Pass Records is a label based on the principles of everything bass
(Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep, Moombahton, Glitch Hop, etc) trying to
represent the underdogs in their respective genre. Of the past five
EP’s, four have broken the Top50 Dubstep & DnB Releases on Beatport, and our
ongoing Remix Contest was picked as an Editor’s Choice on
RemixComps.com and has 14,000+ plays.




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