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Deadmau5 – Fn pig

Deadmau5 has been producing a lot of music this year. Experimenting with new and old sounds, he has created another fantastic track. He has been doing live streams regularly while he creates his music and this is yet another result of such hard work. “Fn Pig” is a 9 minute extended progression production track of his “Get In The Cart, Pig”. Deadmau5 is known for his extended rhythmic build ups and staccato synths sounds. I see alot of similarities with this track and his recent of “Strobe“. It seems that Deadmau5 is looking to make another long-lansting banger. “Strobe” was a masterpiece in my opinion, so its going to be pretty hard to top that though. Make sure to check out his live stream for a sneak-peak into his production. Enjoy.

Joel Zimmerman doesn’t like being called a DJ.

The dance music phenomenon from Toronto, better known as deadmau5, rolls his eyes at the description which he sees as a hopelessly outdated way of describing what he does. His sets are closer to live performances as he assembles tracks on the fly using cutting edge computer technology including software that he’s helped to write himself. “There are no CDs involved,” he explains. “It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s. If people come out to see deadmau5 I want them to hear deadmau5 music.”

Now firmly established as one of the most innovative and popular electronic live acts globally, Deadmau5 has had an outstanding year. His driving foresight is constantly pushing the technological boundaries of his stage show. In May 2010 he unveiled the visual orgy of the cube stage and his highly anticipated L.E.D ‘mau5ehead’. The year climaxed with a 17,000 capacity sell out show at London’s Earls Court. He is the first ever electronic artist to headline the legendary venue. Additionally the dancefloor icon’s multi award winning albums have seen him achieve that rare balance, appealing to both the clubbing cognoscenti and musical masses.




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