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Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith

Disclosure’s latest single dropped just yesterday, September 7th, on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1. After announcement that they signed to PMR Records. Once again, the boys out of Surrey, Britain (UK) have not ceased to amaze. After the great success of their last EP, The Face, the two brothers hidden behind their artistic masks are already preparing an album, for which this will be the first single.

The amazing number of plays on each of their track is the testimony of their music’s appeal. Posted over twenty hours ago, “Latch” has already racked up a play-count of over forty-three thousand. Disclosure’s music always delivers and the appeal probably comes from the house dimension combined with the future bass side. Catchy, dancey but always tasty and well-balanced.

With “Latch”, the pair decided to play it a little more chill and contained, but still true to their usual aesthetic with that delicious wobble bass. Sam Smith’s soulful vocals seems to be rolling on the bouncy instrumental and is backed up by clever breaks and drops.

Since their formation in 2010, Disclosure has become a house-hold name in the UK EDM scene, and they are steadily becoming bigger here in the States, with their remix of Jessie Ware’s ”Running” taking them to stellar heights. Ridding their wave of success, they released their killer EP, The Face. Disclosure has a very consistent sound, while continuing to avoid becoming repetitive. It’s hard not to love their signature sound.

“Latch” builds onto the duo’s sonic identity. Sam Smith contributes R&B-infused vocals that create a lush, soulful atmosphere. A catchy beat and a killer low-key bass line compliment his vocals. Disclosure keeps a airy, ambient, synth feel at various parts of the song. Latch easily cements Disclosure’s place as Future Garage’s latest and greatest; well-deservedly continuing to position them as the leaders of the Future Bass scene. Their forthcoming album will be release on PMR Records next year and it will probably achieve to bring them into the mainstream (sorry hipsters).

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