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Interview + Mix Series 006: Baumeister


July 2012 Interview: Baumeister

Artist: Baumeister (Jan, Age 22)
Location: St Gallen, Switzerland
Contact: SoundCloud

Let’s kick this off with a little bit about you. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a 22 year old producer and DJ from St. Gallen, Switzerland. I have lived ever since near to the Lake of Constance, a really beautiful place on earth. Music plays a prominent role in my life, although my taste has changed over the years.

You’re a resident of Switzerland. Have you lived out there your whole life? How’s the music scene out there? 

In Switzerland, the music I make is more of something underground. There’s indeed a very distinctive electronic music scene, but a big part of the music that is played here is some four-to-floor stuff like House or Minimal Techno. But if you keep your eyes open, there are a lot of great venues, where you got the chance to listen to some alternative stuff like dubstep, drum and bass, juke or experimental. In recent times, electronic music boomed in Switzerland due to the rise of producers like Skrillex, Deadmau5, and our own national ones like DJ Antoine.
Also one of the biggest electronic events in the world is located in Switzerland: the Street Parade. A must see. Not really because of the music, more because of the spirit and the fact that about one million people are celebrating electronic music, from house to drum and bass to techno and hardstyle. The place where I play sometimes my DJ-sets is called “« Palace »”. It’s situated in St. Gallen. It’s one of my favorite spots. It’s an old cinema, which is now used as a concert house / club. Regularly they arrange dubstep/experimental events, and I already had the chance to support Zomby, Bibio & Daedelus.

What encouraged you to start making your own music? Were you self-taught, or did you get any help to get you going? 

I started to play guitar at the age of 10. I played for a long time and joined a rockband in my schooltime at the age of 16. Then later I started to listen to Hip-Hop and I was always fascinated by the beats there. After two years, at the age of 18, I more and more listened to electronic music. First it was a switch from Hip-Hop to Trip-Hop. As I discovered Massive Attack I was totally impressed by the feeling and the dubby elements in their music. I got more and more addicted to electronic music. In the same year I went to my first party in a club, I was fascinated by the feeling: forgetting everything negative, just you, the music and some other freaks. That was the moment when I realized that I won‘t get enough of this feeling and that I want to do this kind of music myself.

I started with GarageBand on my macbook. This is now about three years ago.
For a short time I used FL Studio but then a friend showed me ableton live and I fell in love with it.
The most things are self-taught but I get sometimes tips from a friend.

Which musicians would you say had the biggest impact on your work?

I think the musicians, who had the biggest impact on my work are: Machinedrum, Sepalcure, Synkro, Om Unit, Apparat, Massive Attack, Modeselektor, Mala, Martyn.

Are you currently involved in any production communities/scenes? Any plans to make a living off of music production, or is this something you would rather do on your time off work?

At the moment I’m planning to release an EP in September / October.

I have no definitive plans to live on my music. I just want to spend as much time as possible with it. When I see people dancing to my sound when I’m behind the decks, that’s one of the best things for me. For sure, I would like to earn one’s living with music, but as a matter of fact it’s not that easy. But until then I enjoy what I got and keep working on hard.

We appreciate the time. Thanks for the insights and the wonderful mix. We wish you best of luck with your work, and eagerly look forward to your future releases.


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