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Interview + Mix Series 010: Futurizm


August 2012 Interview: Futurizm

Location: London / Essex, Britain (UK)
Contact: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Beatport


[track since removed.]

To start off, could you tell us a bit about what brought Futurizm together?

We both produce under different established guises, hit each other up on Facebook for an appreciation of one another’s music only to discover we are long lost cousins!  A couple of years later, and a lot of deliberation about a name and Futurizm was born..!

How you how long you have been into music, and when did that interest turn towards production? 

Both of us have been into music since our infancy, turned to production in the early teens.

For how long has your production covered dubstep?

Futurizm sits across multi genres mainly Dubstep, Future Jungle, Garage etc, ranging from 110 bpm up to  the main focus is 140 BPM ting, we’ve done some 180bpm D&B recently also. There so much great music out there these days its easy to feed from it… There are rumours we may have a crack at Flungle, a new dubstep sub genre coming outta Croydon, UK at the moment…

Any particular artists that have been influential/personal favorites of yours? 

Our big influences are – Warrior One, Calvertron, Koven, Shorterz, Mak & Pasteman, Modestep, Bay B Kane, High Ramekin Congo Natty, Parker & Moneyshot, Teichman, Goldie, Rack n Ruin, Elvis, Toronto is Broken, Dream, Koan Sound, Knife Party, Crown Duels, Sharkslayer, Gordon City.. The list is endless, we even like Skrillex!

How has feedback/input from other artists been?

I’m delighted to say the feedback has been overwhelming, we’ve had a lot of interest from various labels and I’m pleased to say we have signed 5 tracks to Heavy Artillery USA first release Support from – Whole Sick, Calvertron, Virus Syndicate, Kissy Sell Out, Hostage, Twista, Smak Pony,  Bay B Kane, Top Billin, The Wife, Vinyl Junkie, Jay Cunningham, Dj Pilgrim, Slipmatt,  DJ Faust,  Hannah Holland, Downlow’d,  Mark Remillard, Jack Grooves, Ahllex, DJ Pilgrim, Moneyshot, Parker, Ginny Koppeland, Toronto is Broken, Adjected Deleted, Ollie Winniberg, InCahoots, Shorterz and many more..

How about from the public and fans? 

Amazingly our First EP ‘We Are Futurizm’  made it into the Beatport top 10 must hear Dubstep tracks, then charted really well then to boot we had a number 1 on Trackitdown which we were really pleased with. We have also been lucky since we’ve had lots of support from radios staions BBC, BBC Introducing, Rough Tempo and many more here in the UK which has helped us out It was even nice to hear our music played at the last Mau5trap Warehouse party in London! The social media portals are looking healthy. Comments all very positive .. Thanks fans! When we get to 10000 fans on Soundcloud I’m going to give away my car, throw a TV out of a window and get a drink problem.

Your stance/thoughts on remixes? Any future plans here? 

We have Ahllex Remix forthcoming on Will Bailey’s Simma.  Aldo Vanucci remix forthcoming on Jalapeno, Thieve remix on Protohype. There are a few others thing bubbling away please keep an eye on the Soundcloud.

The genre for which you create, is this predominately also what you listen to?

Not necessary, we love all sorts of music. Rave, Garage, Indie, Jungle, Grime, Punk, Prog rock all dat…. You name it we’ll throw it all up in the grill!

How do you produce? Any interesting methods? 

We producing with a few different methods it’s generally a mixture of Cubase 5.5, FL 10. The DAW usually depends on who’s on the keys.  We bounce ideas back and forth then get together in the studio to get it all locked down, blam..

When can we expect your next release?

Our next release is 12th September, exclusive to Beatport on Heavy Artillery records- a genre crossing track called ‘Tempus’. It’s coming with a massive remix by a guy called Safra from Canada. Should be well received since the feedback has been huge so far.


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