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Mykus – Better Wet

Quite intresting. Really like the sound Mykus is working with. Very airy. Nice and light. Never anything overbearing with this musician- just lots of smooth and mellow tracks. This is one of his most recent tunes. The majority of his tracks are available for free and can be downloaded through his SoundCloud profile listed below. Hope you all enjoy the tune and support future releases.

Mykus aka Mikus is an independant Producer/songwriter from Leeds

who’s audio palate is tainted with the blood of many genres, the transmutation of raw feeling into sound gives his work that alchemical feel.
Mykus collaborates with other Artists such as Fruit shoe’s featuring on vocals for the track “Limey” aired on BBC radio in Feb 2012. Sound is like sugar, you can simply dump it into a coffee to sweeten it up. Or You could spin it at 1600RPM in a motor driven centrafuge, introduce some heat and end up with something really interesting, like candy floss (cotton candy for you Americans)




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