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MyMind – Ah

More brilliant work from Portland-based producer MyMind. Mellow and deep, MyMind crafts his piece around minimal percussion and leaves it purposely light to only aid in forming its purpose, depth, and mystery. Dreamy vibes, almost outer worldly, with the dark and emotional cries further setup to characterize a evocative atmosphere. A nice touch, centering very much on the relaxed mood it sets; that is to say, not the stuff that will pound your brain away. You might remember MyMind from our last feature of his airy and chill, remix of Telepopmusik’s early-2000 hit, “Breathe”. Since then MyMind, has promised a lot more future garage original to be released in short order, this being his first delivery. He has briefly experimented with glitch tunes and only recently began moving on to garage vibes. The style of music is different, but the general feel is the same; still with that underlying gloomly texture.

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