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The Cure – A Forest (Cyberoptics Remix) ft. Amber Noel

More amazing work from Cyberoptics. His latest release, a remix of The Cure’s original and classic, “A Forest”- an apparent favorite of his. He comments on the release with his thoughts, “made into a chill little dub and recorded some nice custom vox for this one.” Loving this. Deep vibes. Another track destroyed. Fantasic retake. Be sure to checkout his other work if you enjoy this. All quality with great production. We posted quite a heavy mix of his last month for those interested.

About Cyberoptics:

A young producer taking the dubstep world by storm, at age 19 Alex Epps aka Cyberoptics first made his big smash into the scene with his release “Geisha” on PLAY ME Records. Released in May of 2010, Geisha climbed to number 1 on Beatport.com and held it’s place in the top 5 for over a month, battling producers such as Borgore and Doctor P.

Hailing from Memphis TN, Cyberoptics is greatly influenced by the dirty south but also the wide varietys of electronic music aswell. With a unique style of different themes, deep sludge bass and heavy sub, it’s almost impossible not to move your body to these alien sounding bass tones!

‘Cyberoptics’ 2nd release from Play Me Records “The Tie Fighter EP” exploded onto the Beatport top 20 with songs “Pimpin” hitting #3 “Geisha VIP” right behind at #4 and “Tie Fighter” and “Toasty” topping out at 14 and
17. Cyber’s unique style is constantly changing, Expanding and evolving more with every song and spark of inspiration.

Currently Cyberoptics is hard at work on a full length album, touring with Play Me heroes Reid Speed & FS, and working closely with other producers such as Liquid Stranger, D-Jahsta, Adroa, Numbernin6 and Current Value.

In spare time, Cyber has a side-project known as “Embryon” consisting of himself and close friend Jordan Bolin, under which he produces a more ambient sound.



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