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ZZ Ward – Criminal ft. Freddie Gibbs (Com Truise Remix)

I stumbled upon ZZ Ward back at the beginning of the year when she released her free mixtape, Eleven Roses via SoundCloud and her website. The mixtape, although by no means perfect, really demonstrated the vocal talents of this up-and-coming artist. Songs such as Criminal, and Got It Bad did this particularly well, even though the mixtape itself failed to commit to one genre or sound. Nevertheless, I still loved it, it screamed “here I am, this is my talent, now, shut-up and listen” more than “oh, here’s some music I done did”, and for that, I have a lot of respect.

Since, I’ve seen her name pop-up in a few places, and I see she’s also released an EP. Namely though, this remix by Com Truise has definitely been the best thing I’ve heard since that original mixtape. The grounding of the remix is obviously steeped in dubstep, but this is not just one of your ordinary dubstep remixes, oh no! Where wobbly bass might have previously defined this song, Com Truise has instead heavily used a lot of synths in the most perfect way, and spiced it up to a sound that seems to be dominating the sound of 2012 electronic music. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some decent dubstep, but the repetition of sounds has just begun to wane a little; whereas Com Truise has made it sound fresh again, which I definitely love.

Looking ahead, I look forward to hearing how ZZ Ward’s sound progresses; in the meantime I’ll enjoy this delicious remix.

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